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New car sales figures – February 2022

The FCAI, the peak body for Australia’s automotive industry, has released new vehicle sales figures for February 2022. A total of 85,340 vehicles were sold in February, representing a 1.6% increase on February 2021 figures.

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said the news was positive given supply chains are still not fully stabilised from the impacts of the pandemic. “Global supply chains for microprocessor units are still some distance from full recovery, so we are pleased to see this small increase on 2021 figures. The consumer demand for new cars in Australia remains strong, and manufacturers are continuing to work hard to get cars into the hands of motorists”.

Compared to February 2021 sales:

  • Tasmania: +16.6% with 1,561 vehicles sold.
  • SA: +8.9% with 5,810 vehicles sold
  • Victoria: +5.5% with 22,177 vehicles sold.
  • Queensland: +3.8% with 18,962 vehicles sold
  • WA: -1.7% with 8,409 vehicles sold.
  • ACT: -2.6% with 1,356 vehicles sold
  • NSW: -3.5% with 26,360 sold
  • NT: -5.6% with 705 vehicles sold.

Toyota was the market leader with 20,886 vehicles sold, followed by Mazda with 8,782, Mitsubishi with 7,813, Kia with 5,881 and Hyundai came in fifth place with 5,649.

Toyota’s Hilux was the highest selling model with 4,803 units, followed by the Toyota RAV4 with 4,454 units, Mitsubishi’s Triton with 3,811 units, Ford Ranger with 3,455 units and the Toyota Prado was in fifth place with 2,778 units sold.

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