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MTC and MTA’S COVID-19 leadership well received by motor trades

Motor Trades Care (MTC) is a specialist consultancy that works in conjunction with the Motor Traders’ Association of New South Wales (MTA NSW) to help the state’s motor trades industry create safer workplaces. Earlier last month it developed and launched its COVID-19 ‘Toolkits’ for businesses.

The initiative provided motor trades industry employers and employees with direction, strategies and best practice advice on combating the virus in the workplace, while assisting business continuity.

The Toolkits included in-depth information for employers covering their responsibilities in dealing with the virus in the workplace, along with recommending processes to minimise risk of infection to staff and customers. Additionally, the Toolkits recommended the appropriate actions to take if any infections were suspected and contained details of employers’ legal requirements, along with a comprehensive question and answer section. A more concise version of the Toolkit featuring information most relevant to employees was also developed for relevant staff.

With the information and strategies from the Toolkits having now been put into practice by MTA NSW Member businesses for around two weeks, the initiative is seeing strong feedback. Tynan Motors Group Customer and Warranty Operations Manager, Steven Do, commented: “With the frightening speed and severe impacts of COVID-19 on our (and many other) businesses, we often found ourselves asking ‘How do we approach this?’”, said Do. “There was a lot of misinformation and/or vague information on how to operate our business whilst still protecting our staff and customers. The Toolkits were extremely useful as they not only held correct information, but also provided expert advice specific to our industry and operations. I cannot thank MTC enough for the confidence we have been able to instil our workplace after implementing the suggestions in the Toolkits.”

The sentiments were echoed by Peter Warren Automotive Work Health and Safety, and RTW Coordinator, Denis Bellerose: “We are thankful for the Toolkits – they have been extremely well formulated to say the least,” he said. “I have commented and shared the content with our PWA Officers, and at the moment, PWA is doing a sound job in ensuring that benchmarks are attained.”

MTC General Manager of Operations Trevor Ballantyne, said that the organisation had recognised the disruptions in working conditions that COVID-19 had brought to the motor industry and the broader community, prompting it to act decisively to assist its affiliates. “In dealing with COVD-19, our customers are essentially travelling in uncharted waters, such are the unique challenges that have been presented to businesses as a result of this pandemic,” he said. “The timeframes to implement new processes in the workplace have also been tight, and there has been no precedent for businesses to follow. This gave MTC the opportunity to provide leadership to effectively deal with COVID-19.”

“In developing the Toolkits, we’ve combined the most relevant information available and provided expert guidance that would save businesses time and hopefully reduce their stress and anxiety levels. We’re extremely pleased that the Toolkits were well received and MTC will carry on monitoring the changing working environment and the latest government advice. We will continue to provide guidance and leadership in the months ahead and beyond, to ensure safe workplaces for all in the industry,” concluded Ballantyne.

The COVID-19 Toolkit published by MTC and MTA NSW available at

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