Published on January 22nd 2021 in

MTAA Super Scholarships to support workers in auto and related industries

Industry Super fund MTAA Super has named fifteen auto and related industries workers as recipients of the MTAA Super Scholarship, a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation.

The scholarships, valued at up to $5,000 and funded through donations from the MTAA Super board members and the CEO, are designed to help individuals in the automotive and related industries pursue further education and training.

With over $50,000 awarded to fifteen recipients across Australia, the fund will support studies in business, technology, innovation, communication, and more.

MTAA Super Chair, John Brumby, said the scholarship program will help new and experienced workers deal with the impacts of COVID-19.

“Like many industries, Australia’s auto industry has been seriously impacted by the pandemic and the recession as many workers have had hours cut or lost access to important educational opportunities,” said Brumby. “This adds a lot of pressure to businesses, workers, and their families. The MTAA Super Scholarship will support individuals to upskill and find new career pathways in the industry and will help the industry to grow and innovate.”

MTAA Super engaged the Australian Communities Foundation to administer the program. Overall, it received 59 applications from all Australian states and territories, almost half from rural and regional areas. Recipients of the scholarships include both MTAA Super members and non-members.

MTAA Super Board member Geoff Lowe said that the calibre of applications for the funds was exceedingly high. “We were blown away by the quality of the applicants from across the country. From vehicle mechanics to students to marketers and business owners, they all had a clear vision for their future and were deeply committed to and passionate about this industry.”

Lowe hopes the MTAA Super Scholarships will help individuals take further steps along their automotive career pathway. “I hope the recipients genuinely grab hold of this opportunity. Whether they’re using it to help with their studies or adding additional skills, there are many, many pathways in this industry. That’s why it plays a multi-faceted role in the Australian economy for hundreds of thousands of people daily.”

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