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MTA Queensland supports EV Report

The Senate Select Committee recently released its Report on Electric Vehicles (EVs) and among the 17 recommendations the Committee has stated that the Australian Government should:

  • Develop a national EV strategy to facilitate and accelerate EV uptake and ensure Australia takes advantage of the opportunities, and manages the risks and challenges for the transition to EVs
  • Develop a national strategy for consumer education to raise awareness of the capabilities and benefits of EVs
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive 10-year EV manufacturing roadmap
  • In conjunction with industry stakeholders, fund apprenticeships and traineeships in the local EV and associated manufacturing sector
  • Work with state and territory governments, and other stakeholders to render all new dwellings ‘electric vehicle charger ready

Dr Brett Dale, CEO for the Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTAQ) said, “The Report is accurate in stating that EV uptake in Australia falls well behind that of other comparable countries which has been influenced by the absence of sensible policy from government. EVs are transforming the mobility sector globally and sales are growing exponentially in countries where government policy supports their uptake. Without an effective regulatory framework, Australia’s imminent EV uptake is likely to be slow resulting in EV manufacturers unlikely to bring their various makes and models to the Australian market.”

The Australian Automotive Dealer Association (AADA) has also issued a statement supporting the Report’s recommendations and re-iterated that new car dealers are not obstructionists and recognise the future and value of EVs. AADA’s view is consistent with that of our new car dealers in Queensland.

“There are some important recommendations in the report and new car dealers are looking forward to playing their part in supplying EVs to the Australian market,” stated AADA CEO, Mr David Blackhall.

The Senate Select Committee for EVs took submissions and conducted public hearings around Australia in 2018 providing an opportunity for businesses, academics and members of the public to give input into how we prepare for EVs and their impact on society and the economy.

“We look forward to the development of new policy that supports this environmental, social and economically important issue for Australia,” concluded Dale.

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