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Published on February 9th 2018 in

MTA Queensland announced as a mentor to automotive industry apprentices

In the 2017-2018 Federal Budget, the Australian Government announced the Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices program (ISMAA). The ISMAA will be managed by the Department of Education and Training. The initiative aims to increase apprentice retention rates, particularly in the first two years of training, and improve completion rates and support the supply of skilled workers in specific industries.

The program will provide highly skilled industry mentors to assist apprentices and trainees, who may experience barriers to completing their training, by guiding them through issues and providing face-to-face support. The Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTA Queensland) is delighted to announce our selection as an ISMAA Provider for the automotive industry following an extensive procurement process.

Automotive apprentices in Queensland will be supported by highly experienced mentors who are able to assist apprentices by:

  • providing support in the development of technical skills
  • supporting off-the-job learning needs
  • providing career and pathway advice related to the automotive industry
  • providing motivation and confidence building to help achieve potential and build resilience
  • being a positive role model to help encourage independence, self-reliance and assistance with resolving issues that could pose a threat to the completion of the training
  • providing support and advice to apprentices during periods of personal difficulty

MTA Queensland also have a dedicated webpage for the mentor program which outlines additional links to resources that are useful to employers and apprentices.

Our mentors will support mental health problems and provide a process to assist in dealing with issues and seeking help. Mentoring is available free to any Australian automotive apprentice or trainee in the first two years of their training.

Dr Brett Dale, Group CEO for MTA Queensland said, “We are really excited to be delivering this extremely important mentoring program to automotive apprentices and it is integral to the future workforce of the automotive industry. We are also committed to ensuring employers are fully connected to the program to provide positive outcomes for the student, employer and industry.”


Please contact to enquire or sign-up.

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