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More needs to be done to reduce crash rate among young; report

A survey from Budget Direct has revealed safety tips for young Australian motorists in bid to lower the collision rate.

One in twenty learner drivers are involved in a crash while training and of these more than half are at fault, a new look at the safety of beginners has found.

The survey from Budget Direct found training log times were exaggerated and assisting trainers needed refreshers among other recommendations to help reduce the rate of collisions.

The Budget Direct Car Insurance Learner Driver Survey recorded responses from 968 Aussie drivers on a variety of topics, from falsifying learner log books, to involvement in traffic accidents.

Almost half of Australian motorists aged 18 to 27 are exaggerating the number of hours recorded in their learner driver’s logbook, survey data reveals.

Of the 968 Aussies to take part in the nearly 40 per cent of 18- to 27-year-olds admitted to falsifying the entries in their logbook.

Traffic accidents in young drivers

While driving as a learner, 3 per cent of Australians surveyed were involved in an accident and also found at fault. An additional 1.45 per cent of learners were not found at fault in accidents

According to the survey, nearly 5 per cent of 18-27 year olds were found at fault when they were involved in an accident as a learner.

Nearly 6 per cent of South Australian drivers surveyed were involved in an accident as learners and found at fault.

Safety concerns and tips

Survey data revealed that about 23 per cent of 18- to 27-year-old motorists failed to look over their shoulder during their practical driving exam. A further 9 per cent admitting to failing to indicate/signal.

From an insurers perspective the gaps in training and the rate of accidents, confirmed the position that 18-25 year-olds remain potentially high-risk drivers.

But the survey also found that there is a consciousness of these shortfalls and respondents outlined a range of actions they think could help reduce risk and the number of crashes.

When it came to sentiment around safety, more than 40 per cent of respondents believed that recording mandatory logbook hours in different weather conditions similar to existing mandatory hours for night driving, was helpful in improving the learner driver process. Almost half of respondents 43.7 per cent advised this as a safety step.

Other improvement options

  • Offering refresher courses for non-professional supervisors, such as a parent, 31 per cent
  • Improving the quality of driving instructors, 32 per cent
  • Increasing the minimum age of learner drivers 25 per cent and overall logbook hours, 18 per cent

However one in five suggested the system was fine as it was.

For the full breakdown and further insights from the Budget Direct Learner Driver Survey visit here.

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