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Published on May 14th 2021 in

MoonWalk is out of this world

Forget manually mixing paint when PPG’s ground-breaking MoonWalk automated mixing technology can do it with ultra-precision, at the touch of a button.

When it comes to enhancing paint shop productivity and reducing wastage, PPG’s trailblazing MoonWalk colour dispenser is right up there with the most exciting advancements seen in the industry. Developed by PPG’s Digital Customer Experience team in Europe, this extremely cool piece of kit instantly hauls the refinish mixing process into a totally new era. It has already taken Europe, the Middle East and Africa by storm with collision centre operators immediately recognising the potential. As a result, literally hundreds of MoonWalk units having been installed since it was launched just 18 months ago.

Thanks to the popularity of this pioneering technology, it has taken until now to begin securing stock of units for the Australian and New Zealand markets. However, the PPG team is now gearing up to showcase the advantages to local collision repairers with units set to be installed in PPG’s network of training centres and at the first local repair shops.

MoonWalk’s compact packaging has been deliberately sized to fit neatly into a typical paint mixing room. Having said this, many European collision repairers have actually chosen to proudly put their unit on display where customers can see them in order to project an industry leading image. Inside, is everything this self-contained, automated mixing system needs, including a dispensing rack along with storage for 80 tinters, a RAPIDMATCH GO spectrophotometer, a set of ultra-accurate scales, a built-in computer loaded with PAINTMANAGER XI and a label printer.

Best of all, after downloading a spectro reading and selecting the appropriate colour formulation, it takes just a single ‘click’ to set MoonWalk in motion to create a ready to spray mix. Not only is every mix incredibly precise, no matter how small the amount of tinter to be added, it’s a set and forget process so it frees up the painter to get on with what they do best – paint or perform other productive tasks.

As well as boosting paint shop productivity, MoonWalk also has the ability to reduce waterborne tinter consumption thanks to its incredibly accurate mixes and the fact it doesn’t get tired or make mistakes. When you take into account the time it frees up for painters, the colour mixing accuracy and the minimisation of wastage and reworks, it’s calculated that MoonWalk can begin providing a return-on-investment sooner, rather than later, depending on the size of the collision centre.

For more information on MoonWalk and to see if the technology is the right fit for your business, speak to your PPG Territory Manager or the PPG Customer Service Hotline on 13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ).

Editor: Look out for the story on our visit to see the first MoonWalk installed in Australia in our next issue.

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