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Published on March 16th 2020 in

Monster Energy green with envy

Thanks to the long-running PPG partnership, Cameron Waters’ Tickford Racing Ford Mustang has always had a stunning on-track presence but for 2020 it has been ratcheted up a notch. Looking to ensure the Monster Energy sponsorship logos and colours really shone through on the No.6 Mustang, the team chose to make some subtle but very noticeable alterations.

“The most obvious difference is the green behind the grill which goes with the green headlights the fans loved last year. The bigger change for us though is that we have actually painted the car this year instead of wrapping it, thanks to PPG. It’s not a massive change visually but the paint comes off a bit flatter and makes the Monster green pop a bit more,” said Waters.

Before making the change, Tickford Racing sought technical advice from paint partner, PPG. While the team wanted a finish that was “as matt as possible”, paint weight is also a consideration on a race car so PPG suggested using the Delfleet Evolution paint system. Achieving a highly durable, deep matt paint finish, with coverage in the minimum number of coats, was as simple as taking advantage of Delfleet Evolution’s tinter / binder system by incorporating the Delfleet F3124 Matt Binder.

Once behind the wheel, Waters wasted no time in getting even more notice for his new livery by finishing 6th in the first race of the Adelaide 500 season opener on Saturday, followed by an impressive 3rd place podium finish in Sunday’s 250km race.

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