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Mario Dimovski to speak at IDEAS Collide SEMA event

NCR Tradiebot IDEAS Collide

The “IDEAS Collide” event returns for 2019 with quick-hit presentations on topics ranging from augmented reality in collision repair to what counts as a “cost of doing business.”

“It was one of our most talked about events of the series last year, and the format really seemed to resonate with attendees,” according to SCRS Chairman Brett Bailey (A&B). “There was a lot of input following the session expressing appreciation for the pace of presentations keeping it energetic and exciting.”

He said that holding the talks to 10 minutes let the audience “get exposed to a broad mix of topics and ideas that they wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to attend as a stand-alone event, but ultimately proved to be really interesting.”

The 2019 IDEAS Collide will run from 10:30am to 12:30pm on Friday, 8 November.

SCRS said the “fast-paced” showcase during its SEMA Week Repairer Driven Education series was “designed to stimulate thought, innovation and resolution of business challenges with brash, outspoken and provoking concepts from thought leaders both in and out of the industry. Topics could rattle the status quo with ambitious ideas that have a transformative effect on the industry or offer keys to resolving existing market challenges. The 2019 format indeed demonstrates both.”

Here is the line-up.

  • Ryan Taylor, Bodyshop Booster: “What if your customer could file a claim right at your shop without having to talk to their insurance company?”
  • Tim Ronak, AkzoNobel: “That’s just the cost of doing business’”
  • Mario Dimovski, Tradiebot Industries: “How augmented reality technology could change the industry with repair information at your fingertips”
  • Tradiebot’s new software, WorxAR uses Augmented Reality to help technicians perform service repairs by accessing the latest digital repair processes and service manuals. It almost acts as a digital assistant for collision repairers performing repairs on a vehicle. The technology can also be used for training, providing access to standard operating procedures, repair manuals, real-time information on workshop jobs and intuitive training in a digital format accessible via smartphone, tablet or AR glasses.
  • Elle Artison, Paul Webb Training: “6 Bridge Statements – Getting To Yes’”
  • Kyle Holt, S/P2: “Grow your own techs!”
  • Fred Iantorno, VeriFacts: “Collision Shops in the Connected Age”
  • Wayne Mitchell, Stericycle Expert Solutions: “Recall Evolution – It’s not just the vehicle that’s changing”
  • Judy Folk, Sherwin-Williams: “Process Driven Design”
  • Doug Kelly, asTech: “The Future of Vehicle Electronics, Service and Repair”
  • John Goglia, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology: “A view of transportation safety, from cruising altitude”

The IDEAS Collide is $75 if you register in advance. It’s also included in the $375 full series pass, which lets you into any Repairer Driven Education course on Monday and Wednesday, the three-part OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit and the Sky Villa afterparty on the Thursday, evening.

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