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Published on May 13th 2022 in

Jack Parkinson, Fix Automotive Network

This month we reconnect with 24-year-old Jack Parkinson, who was identified as a Future Leader in 2017, and find out all about his journey with the Fix Automotive Network.

NCR: Good to see you again, Jack. What have you been up to in the past five years?

JP: Well, it’s all been a bit of a rollercoaster, as back in 2017 I was just kicking off my career with Fix Auto following the launch of the business in 2016. I joined the company while still finishing my business degree. I was initially responsible for supporting our franchisees in areas such as sales and marketing, as well as social media and establishing the Google suite of solutions across our network.

NCR: Then there was a change of leadership.

JP: I do recall that at the time, I thought that to make progress in the collision industry, I needed to have a trade background, which obviously I don’t have. The then-new head of business, Stuart Faid, took the time to get to know me, recognising that my skill set, whilst different to a trade background, added value in the broader areas where we provide support to our franchisees. In reality, our shops are great repairers. Where they benefit from us the most is those peripheral areas to running their business, and that was well within my skill set. Since then, I have progressed through a number of projects and ultimately into a new role within our sister company, Novus Glass.

NCR: So, what is your role at Novus Glass?

JP: My role is franchise development. I support our franchise network nationally. I assist them with developing their overall business and helping them achieve their full potential. This role is multi-faceted and can see me supporting them in local marketing and sales calls to local businesses, right through to helping them with their digital marketing and even reviewing their financial and operational performance and identifying areas where they can improve. I’m applying the theory from my degree with the practical, real-world experience of working with our franchisees over the last five years to add demonstrable value to our network.

NCR: How do you see your career shaping up?

JP: I am loving working with the franchisees and making a difference. I also love how our management team collaborates on initiatives and is always looking at how we can do more for our network. I get to contribute to those discussions and decisions because I have gained that real “sharp-end” exposure. I have grown so much in the last five years, but most notably, I feel like I have developed my ability to communicate effectively, gained a thorough understanding of how the Novus businesses operate from end to end and where there is greater opportunity to be exploited for our network.

NCR: So, where to in the next five years?

JP: I look at the next five years in two ways: what I want to do personally with my career, and where I want my career to go. I have a real desire to work in international markets and apply my experiences from here into those environments. I also appreciate that I can learn a great deal from living and working in another environment, and I think that would bring real value to our Australian business in the longer term. My long-term goal is to continue to learn, grow and create value for the Fix network business and, of course, attain a leadership role in the business either here or overseas. Of course, I realise that a lot can happen in five years; however, I am committed to our strategy and our vision and know that I will keep growing and developing along the way.

It has been a pleasure watching Jack grow in ability and experience over the last five years. He is a clear example of how passion and dedication can harness the potential within. As an industry, we are all too often focused on industry-learned skills and not transferable ones. As a consequence, I believe we miss out on talent that could broaden our thinking and ensure our long-term relevance as an industry of choice. I am certain Jack will continue to grow and add value to our organisation, and I look forward to supporting his journey in the years to come.” - added Stuart Faid, Fix Network’s regional vice president Asia, Australia and NZ.

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