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It’s “Somertime” and Fix Auto continues to grow

Fix Auto Australia, part of the world’s largest network of independent repairers continues its growth with yet another new partnership in Victoria, its second appointment in the region in the last four weeks.

Somerville and District Panels is the latest independent repairer to join the rapidly expanding network.

Talking about his decision to join, Bill Kubeil, owner of Somerville and District Panels explained that he has known for some time that things are changing for the independent repairer and being part of a network brings scale and sustainability for many that would otherwise find it difficult to stay relevant. His issue was being sure that the group or network he joined would deliver real value, he looked at several options but, in the end, found the Fix Auto model to be the best choice.

“Fix Auto is not just a buying group, they are not motivated or rewarded by what I do or do not buy from them, that is not their model. They are focused on making my business better and more profitable and giving me a voice in the industry that I would not have here on my own. They give me systems, support, training and coaching that makes a real difference to my day to day business and of course they act on behalf of the whole network, providing those consolidated services to work providers.  It really is the best of both worlds for an independent business”.

Commenting on this latest appointment in Victoria, Stuart Faid, Vice President for Asia and Head of the Australian business said: “ There is a deliberate and recurring theme with the partners we select, Bill yet again represents what exactly what we are looking for in our network in terms of values, underpinned by integrity and a passion for delighting customers, delivering quality workmanship with a genuine locally focused service”.

When asked about the recent increase in new locations for Fix Auto in Australia, Faid added: “Last year paralysed the independent repair sector while they watched large scale consolidation severely shake up the industry they thought they knew. Unsurprisingly, many have wanted to see what the future looks like after the dust settles a little. Many are reluctant to make a wholesale commitment to the long-term future without some comfort in what the future holds. At Fix Auto, we see our job as creating a sustainable future for those independently owned businesses, whilst accepting the significant benefits the concept of consolidating brings to the key stakeholders.”

“We believe we can deliver the best of both worlds and ensure the long-term viability of a critical industry sector, and recent months have shown us that those repairers are now ready to commit. We have several more shops to be announced in the coming months and we look forward to continued growth and prosperity for our partners here in Australia”.

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