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Published on August 23rd 2019 in

Incorrect safety claims made about ACE electric vehicles

ANCAP Safety, Australasia’s independent vehicle safety authority has expressed concerns regarding incorrect safety claims made by electric vehicle importer Electric Vehicles Group (ACE), in relation to three potential new models entering the Australian vehicle fleet.

“We have serious concerns regarding the claims made by ACE Electric Vehicles in relation to the safety of their vehicles,” said ANCAP Chief Executive, James Goodwin. “Despite the claims made by the distributor in the media, these vehicles have yet to be independently tested for safety either here in Australia or by our European counterparts. The safety credentials of these vehicles are unknown.”

Goodwin added: “It is also important to recognise that ANCAP is only in a position to test a vehicle once certified and approved for sale in Australia, and after it is compliant with the regulatory standards of the Australian Design Rules (ADRs).”

ACE Electric Vehicles Group is currently promoting three models: the ACE Cargo (van), ACE Yewt (ute) and ACE Urban (micro car).

“We would strongly caution any brand against making claims on safety performance prior to independent ANCAP assessment but welcome the opportunity to discuss the claims and potential testing with the distributor,” concluded Goodwin.

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