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iBodyshop fees reduced by 50 percent!  

A message from Stephen O’Brien, Director DNS Technology.

We hope you are all staying well during this unprecedented time, and we know that the repair industry is doing it tough, with estimates falling by 50 percent on average in recent weeks. For some repairers, the impact has been minimal, whilst others are facing considerable financial hardship, with possibly that the worst yet to come, with the market predicted to bottom out in May or June.

Having been a supplier to the industry for over 30 years, DNS Technology cannot just stand by and do nothing to help our Australian customers in this time of crisis, and whilst we realise our fees are at the low end of a shop’s costs, every little bit helps.Therefore, during the anticipated peak of the downturn, all iBodyshop fees will be reduced by 50 percent for three months from the 1 May 2020. We will also implement free training for shops that want to take advantage of the slowdown so they can hit the ground running when business rebounds.

The iBodyshop service is constantly maintained by our 31 staff to provide support during the crisis and, importantly, when business returns to normal. We have trimmed expenses where possible, held discussions with our bank to defer our loans, applied for the government JobKeeper allowance and will receive the PAYG rebate. However, as our overheads are relatively fixed our financial losses will be significant.

Notwithstanding all of this, we have made the decision to reduce our fees in the interests of helping our customers ride out the economic storm because we are “all in this together”.

Our discount offer, and free training also applies to new customers, so now is the ideal time to transition to a new body shop system.

In addition, there is a silver lining as the crisis presents a golden opportunity for shops to take advantage of the downturn and improve their business practices and processes. As the old saying goes, “never let a good crisis go to waste’.

When business is slow, it’s the perfect time to implement change. There is so much more to iBodyshop than estimate writing, and now is the time to learn how you can benefit from its various other business management features.

The day-to-day challenges of running a panel shop offer little opportunity for introspection. There’s no time to ask the important questions: Why do we do that? Is there a better way? At iBodyshop, we have spent three decades observing all those little time-consuming activities that dominate so much of your day, which we call “death by a thousand cuts”. The core purpose of iBodyshop is to free your day of these time-consuming activities and achieve productivity and efficiency gains across the entire business.

Our 14 training and support staff are ready to assist with any questions during this time. They can help clean up your old transactions as well as explore, train or implement features you may not have used in the past. We reiterate that during this period all training will be free of charge.

Let’s all stay safe now and get ready for a bright future.

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