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IAG WELCOMES TOYOTA announcement regarding spot welding

Insurance Australia Group (IAG) has congratulated Toyota Australia (Toyota) on its decision that spot welding, is now acceptable for minor welded panel replacements in the Australian smash repair market.

Previously, due to differences in spot welders used for vehicle production and those available to the repair trade, MIG welding was mandated for the replacement of welded minor panels. The availability of the latest spot welding equipment means that repairers can save time and money without compromising quality and safety.

Head of the IAG Research Centre, Robert McDonald, said IAG was proud to have worked closely with Toyota to review the welding practice and policy in the Australian market.

” It’s an enormous benefit to repairers that will enable motorists to get back on the road quickly and safely with a quality repair that replicates the process originally used to build the car”  McDonald said.

“What the testing and research has shown is that spot welding can avoid seroquel to buy unnecessary rectifications and potentially poor aesthetics which can be caused by the MIG weld.

“There is no doubt the shift to spot welding for these types of repairs will save costs for repairers and deliver a better outcome for customers. Replicating the manufacturing process with the most up to date equipment produces safe, high quality repairs, and ultimately benefits the industry and motorists.”

McDonald said the decision by Toyota could potentially be replicated across other manufacturers where variations exist from the original welding method used to build the car.

“IAG continues to look for ways to work closely with manufacturers and repairers to develop the right solutions for repairing vehicles in an age of rapidly evolving technology”, he said.

“This is a great example of manufacturers and insurers working together to uphold the integrity of manufacturer repair methods while at the same time collaborating on areas of those repair methods which can be improved.”


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