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IAG takes a step toward all new genuine parts

IAG has formed a series of partnerships with some of Australia’s leading motor vehicle manufacturers and their authorised dealers that allows IAG’s partner smash repairers to exclusively use new genuine parts. IAG has been developing these partnerships over the past four years via a “parts trial” in Sydney and Melbourne and, more recently, in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Participating motor vehicle manufacturers and dealers are set to benefit from increased volumes and reduced operating overheads, while IAG’s partner smash repairers will benefit from retained parts margins and greater access to technical support. The parts trial has explored process improvements that help dealers improve supply and repairers develop repair efficiencies.

For smash repairers, participation and benefits are only available for IAG’s partners to voluntarily accept. However, as more customers prefer new genuine parts to be fitted to their vehicles and exercise their “choice of repairer” options, it is expected participants in IAG’s parts program will also benefit from increased volumes.

The partnership between IAG and its manufacturers, dealers and smash repairers will ensure mutual support to benefit customers. The program has allowed customers to benefit from reduced key-to-key cycle times, better fitment of genuine parts and better paint finishes.

IAG Senior Category Manager, Brad Sayer, said the feedback from customers had been fantastic and clearly showed how IAG can work with manufacturers, dealers and repairers to give the customer a better experience.

“We’re proud to be partnering with Australia’s leading motor vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and our partner smash repairers. We believe new genuine parts, sourced from an Australian authorised dealer, provide the best option available in terms of quality, availability, efficiency and ease of use,” he said.

“Our initiative means customers will save money in the claims process and know that they’re getting new genuine parts for any repairs. As the parts trial is only available to IAG’s partner network, we would love to hear from partners who may be interested in participating in the program.”

 IAG Partner Testimonials

Mazda Australia, Matthew Wright, Senior Manager, Parts and Service

“Mazda have been strong supporters of the trial in NSW and Victoria since the inception of the program, keenly sharing the common goal of improving the quality of repairs for IAG policy holders who own a Mazda. This expansion into Queensland sees an even greater opportunity for more Mazda owners to benefit from this enhanced efficiency and strong assurance of quality in Mazda genuine parts supplied through Mazda’s Authorised Australian Dealer network and supported by IAG’s commitment to cost-effective and high quality repairs.”

Nissan Australia, Peter Gillam, General Manager, Parts Sales and Marketing

“Nissan Australia supports IAG’s trial program to exclusively use new genuine parts, sourced through Australian-based authorised dealer networks. Use of authorised genuine parts is paramount in achieving OE quality, safe and consistent vehicle repairs, and therefore we see the expansion of the IAG Parts seroquel online trial as a major benefit to our customers.”

GM Holden, Aivars Paeglis, Aftersales Wholesale Manager

“Holden is pleased to be partnering with IAG to promote the use of 100% genuine parts for collision repair. The IAG trial has proven the use of genuine parts is the cost-effective solution for collision repair. IAG repairers use Holden approved repair methods and source genuine parts through the Holden Dealer network. Holden strongly recommends the use of genuine parts for all vehicle repairs – genuine Holden parts offer our customers the safest solution to return their vehicle to as-new condition.”

Ford, Stephen Kruk, General Manager Customer Service Division

“At Ford, we want the customer experience to incorporate not just quality servicing and maintenance of the vehicle, but also quality repairs. We want all Ford customers to have access to repairers committed to using genuine parts for the warranty period and beyond. As safety is paramount to Ford, we applaud IAG for developing this program and look forward to growing the IAG relationship as it aligns with our customer care values.”

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Australia, Michael Gichuru, General Manager, Aftersales Sales and Marketing

“FCA is proud to partner with IAG insurance group to promote the use of new OEM parts for insurance claims. This partnership will benefit IAG’s repair partners by simplifying the supply chain as well as ensuring the continued support by FCA Australia’s authorised network. The customers can also be assured that repairs conducted on their vehicles are done using genuine OEM parts, preserving the performance, aesthetic and safety of their car.”

Mitsubishi Motors Australia, Masayuki Shibuya, Director of Aftersales

“Mitsubishi Motors Australia (MMAL) is proud to partner with IAG and participate in its genuine parts trial, which aims to increase the use of genuine Mitsubishi parts sourced locally through an Australian Mitsubishi dealer. At MMAL, we believe the trial will deliver real benefits to customers and enable smash repairers to offer a better quality of service to Mitsubishi vehicle owners. With Mitsubishi genuine new parts, customers will have the peace of mind of knowing their car is back on the road and restored to the original manufacturer’s specification.”

BMW Australia, Gavin Cowie, National Aftersales Business Development Manager

“BMW Australia is strongly focussed on maximising the satisfaction levels of our customers and this initiative by IAG will ensure customer satisfaction in terms of the safety, reliability and longevity of our vehicles in a post-incident scenario. The utilisation of 100 percent genuine parts in all repairs is a critical factor in ensuring all BMW vehicles retain the premium characteristics and driving dynamics integral to the brand. IAG’s ground breaking pilot program is concrete evidence that the use and fitment of genuine parts is of significant benefit to Australian drivers.”

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