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IAG reinforces ADAS calibration policy

In May 2020 IAG announced its revised ADAS calibration policy for motor vehicle repairs involving driver assist systems. The policy is continuously evolving with the market growth of motor vehicle technology for driver assist safety systems. The review takes into consideration the emergence of motor vehicle manufacturers’ (OEM) recommendations, as well as IAG’s own extensive research.

ADAS calibration is the resetting/programming/realignment/refocusing of camera, radar, laser, sonar and LiDAR systems to return a vehicle’s ADAS to its manufacturer’s recommended settings. Subject to the vehicle make/model, this may be a dynamic self‐calibrating system that is often performed via a test drive or it could require a static calibration using specific hardware and software, including targets and lasers, to carry out the operation.

IAG’s policy is that vehicles fitted with ADAS technology that are involved in autobody repairs must have any affected or related ADAS systems checked for possible damage or misalignment as part of the estimation/repair process.

IAG will authorise the ADAS calibration when:

  • any part of the motor vehicle ADAS system that connects to or supports or mounts cameras, radars, lasers, sonar, or LiDAR that relates to the vehicle claim damage is damaged or removed
  • a DTC scan has identified a calibration trouble code that relates to the vehicle claim damage
  • a vehicle manufacturer publishes this as a requirement in the collision repair operation(s)
  • where IAG agrees
  • the cost of the procedure is quoted upfront, to allow IAG to consider the expense.

A copy of the successful calibration report must be kept on record by the repairer and a copy submitted to IAG as part of the assessment process.

IAG is very specific:

ADAS dynamic or static calibration of camera and/or radar technology may only be performed by suitable trained and qualified approved suppliers of IAG or dealer of the vehicle manufacturer.

ADAS dynamic or static calibration for LiDAR, laser and sonar technology must be performed by a suitable trained and qualified dealer of the vehicle manufacturer only.

Additional information is available through IAG’s Motor Assessing Team.

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