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IAG commercialises its flexible workforce app

IAG says its bespoke shift management app, Attune, will earn it a new revenue stream under a joint venture with Terem Technologies who plans to roll the technology out globally.

IAG and Terem say increased demand for flexible work options across almost every industry since COVID-19 make it “the right time to commercialise Attune”. IAG has been using Attune since 2019 in its NRMA and CGU call centres and says that since launch, it has facilitated more than 10,000 online shift changes.

“Commercialising the technology is an opportunity for IAG to create a new revenue stream from a core capability,” said Amanda Whiting, IAG Acting Group Executive – Intermediated Insurance Australia. “Just as it has helped IAG, we know that Attune has the potential to benefit many different businesses and bring about meaningful change to the lives of their employees.”

Before the app, the process of changing shifts in IAG call centres was time consuming and labour intensive. Attune helped deliver a 23% drop in absenteeism and a 30% decrease in attrition last year, said IAG. The app uses an algorithm and digital marketplace that manages supply and demand for different work shifts.

Employees can make changes to their rosters and work hours online without seeking manager approval. They earn ‘Flexicoins’ by opting to move to a shift that the business needs to be filled which can be used to make shift changes when they need to and earn instant shift-change approval.

Scott Middleton, Terem Technologies CEO said his firm is investing in Attune as the flexibility that the app offers was “now a necessity to attract the best people”. He said: “We want to bring about change for contact centres around the world.”

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