Published on March 4th 2022 in

IAG appoints Adam Balarin to the leadership team

IAG has announced the appointment of Adam Balarin, as its new EGM for Insurance Supply Chain, Direct Insurance Australia (DIA). In the role, Balarin will develop and execute the transformation of IAG’s insurance supply chain to deliver an effortless claims experience to customers across Australia. His role will also drive alignment between IAG, its strategic partners and external industry stakeholders across both the automotive and home repair industries.

Balarin will join IAG from Genpact where he was Vice President, Operations, responsible for leading and growing its Consumer Goods, Retail, Life Sciences and Healthcare business. Prior to his role at Genpact, Mr Balarin spent two decades leading supply chain operations for Unilever across the globe including Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, the UK and South Africa.

IAG Group Executive Direct Insurance Australia Julie Batch, said: “It’s a testament to our strategy and ambition to help Australians that we can attract the calibre of people like Adam. His knowledge and experience will ensure we deliver additional value through our supply chain and adjacencies, both of which are critical to our growth ambitions.”

Balarin’s appointment, which will be effective 11 April 2022, marks the completion of the DIA Leadership Team, which is:

Adam Balarin: EGM, Insurance Supply Chain

Brent Smart: Chief Marketing Officer

Corinne Glasby: EGM Product, Pricing and Governance

Danielle Handley: EGM Customer Experience

Luke Gallagher: EGM Direct Claims

Matthew Bennett: EGM Direct SME, RACV and CTP

Melloney Wolf: EM Office of Group Executive Direct Insurance

Steven Fitzpatrick: EGM Customer Growth

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