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Published on August 15th 2019 in

IAG announces RFP for Partner Repair Network

IAG recently announced that it had established Repair Hub, which created their own repair capability in metropolitan areas to carry out smaller, less complex repairs. This was done in response to the changing customers’ needs and increasing expectations. To remain competitive, IAG continues to adapt to meet these challenges.

In addition to Repair Hub, IAG will continue to work with repairers both within and outside their motor repair network, to ensure they have the capacity to repair the full range of our customers’ vehicles.

In the coming weeks, IAG will begin a Request for Proposal (RFP) process to appoint suitable smash repairers to carry out predominantly medium and larger style complex repairs.

The RFP process will take place in a phased, region by region approach, and will be open to all repairers, regardless of whether or not they are currently working with IAG. While multiple RFPs will be carried out across their national network, IAG will be conducting an RFP for one catchment area at a time, centred around their Repair Hub sites. IAG will contact repairers as the RFP focusses on their catchment area.

When repairers are notified that an RFP is occurring in their catchment area, they will receive an email that includes a form that will need to be completed and returned to enable IAG to complete the registration. Instructions, including timelines, will be included on the website to assist in the submission process.

IAG also announced that all existing partner repairers will continue to operate under the terms and conditions of existing contracts until you are otherwise notified.

More information will become available as the RFP process is progressively rolled out. If you are unsure about the RFP process or would like further information, please either email  or speak to your industry body, such as MTA or VACC.

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