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IAG and UTS tackle vehicle cybersecurity issues

IAG has been a keen participant in iMOVE Australia’s Undergraduate Student Industry Program since its inception over three years ago. This year, along with a band of students from UTS, it is taking on one of the smart mobility world’s biggest, most pressing issues – vehicle cybersecurity. Specifically, the group’s project investigated Vehicle Theft Resistance Testing of the CAN Bus Network.

The issue of cybersecurity in vehicles is a hot topic, and as we bound towards a more connected transport future this is also an area of great demand in terms of employment and implementation. It is a topic that is high priority to many types of organisations, not least the ones which insure our vehicles. As a forward thinker in what changes in technology mean for our future insurance landscape, IAG has a Research Centre dedicated to learning more.

“The adaptability displayed by the entire project team is a testament to their willingness to see the project through to completion,” said Jacob Pace, Mobility Technology Research Consultant, IAG.

It’s not the first time IAG has worked with a student research team through iMOVE, and it’s an association they continue to be pleased and impressed by. “We joined forces with another excellent group of students this year and were happy to see how quickly they grasped the opportunities and challenges facing vehicle security over the next decade and beyond,” added Pace.

This article is courtesy of iMOVE. See the original article here.

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