I-CAR welcomes Fix Auto as a Corporate Member

I-CAR Australia CEO Mark Czvitkovits recently announced that Fix Auto Australia had committed to support further professional industry development, joining as a Corporate Member.

Mark Czitkovits

Czvitkovits explained: “Fix Auto has not only joined as a Corporate Member, but it has also indicated its willingness to engage I-CAR to assist in providing the necessary skills and training for its network.”

Terry Feehan, Head of Business Fix Auto Australia said: “Fix Auto Australia is proud to be a supporter and member of I-CAR generic seroquel Australia. Our future in Australia hinges on good, independently-owned and well-skilled collision repair shops. Good skills come from quality training.”

“I-CAR provides the industry’s own accreditation program for ongoing training and education across all roles in the industry. The support of Fix Auto to the I-CAR vision is a valued commitment and will assist I-CAR in achieving the important goals that underpin the I-CAR position in the collision industry in Australia,” Czvitkovits said.

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