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I-CAR to address collision repair technician shortage

I-CAR in the USA has announced a comprehensive initiative aimed at improving the industry-critical technician shortage situation. Program components are planned for roll-out as early as this year, with additional elements launching throughout 2023 and 2024.

This multi-faceted initiative covers the entry-level technician success journey with several key and integrated solution elements designed to increase the number of qualified entry-level technicians entering – and remaining – in the collision repair inter-industry:

  • Attracting Talent to the Collision Repair Industry – with initial focus on technicians, I-CAR plans to ‘quarterback’ industry-wide efforts with like-minded industry partners to attract more talent to our industry through enhanced industry branding, targeted campaigns while sharing and coordinating such efforts with program participant schools, repair facilities and other organisations to increase reach and outcomes.
  • Enhanced Entry-Level Educational Programming – for both Career and Technical Education (CTE) schools and repair facilities to better prepare talent for entry level success.
  • CTE School Development Programs – additional support for CTE schools to help them fully utilize new educational programming, provide enhanced access to needed funding and equipment/materials, attract more students, and better prepare students for successful transition to employment.
  • Programming to help Gold Class shops more successfully Onboard, Develop and Retain Talent – including Mentoring programming plus a suite of shop relevant HR training and best practices.

“The deepening technician shortage, exasperated by COVID-19, continues to challenge the collision repair industry amid one of the most compelling and transformative eras of automotive innovation, prompting new opportunities for the inter-industry to lean in together with an integrated, collaborative and robust approach,” explained John Van Alstyne, I-CAR President and CEO.

Van Alstyne also noted I-CAR’s long-time partnership with the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF), adding that they are both uniquely positioned to address this issue, seamlessly collaborating to increase school and student support, tapping into their combined network of support and resources.

Van Alstyne announced the appointment of Dara Goroff as Vice President, Planning & Industry Talent Programming. Goroff added: “In reality the talent crisis and the technician shortage specifically, is a complex issue with many layers and nuances requiring an integrated approach to tackle each aspect. From recruiting and vetting to mentoring, training and retaining new talent to address the shortage, all of these components must work together and be part of a comprehensive solution.”

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