Published on June 29th 2020 in

I-CAR restructures – CEO position made redundant

The Board of I-CAR Australia has announced a corporate restructure to ensure the continued growth and development of the organisation.

The current Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing business disruption has also been factored into the corporate restructure. This has resulted in changes to the operations of I-CAR Australia and its various Boards.

As part of these operating changes and restructure the position of Chief Executive Officer currently held by Mark Czvitkovits has been made redundant. Mark has been with I-CAR Australia for more than 10 years in various roles and as CEO for the past five years. The Board and staff of I-CAR Australia wish to thank Mark for his service to the organisation.

The current senior management team will share the CEO’s duties, with the priority to serve the best interests of I-CAR Australia’s customers.

I-CAR Australia is well placed to manage through the Covid-19 pandemic and grow as a leading provider of training to the collision repair and insurance industries.

Moving forward the key contacts for the organisation are Jason Trewin and Vanessa Harrison, with founding I-CAR Australia Board members Richard Pratt and David Newton-Ross providing support.

Importantly, the industry advisory committee which is a key component of I-CAR Australia’s success will continue to play a critical role in ensuring the delivery of training to meet current and future needs.

The Board of I-CAR Australia, Chairman Steve Bubulj, Richard Pratt, Mark Brady, John Zulian, David Newton-Ross and Gordon Barclay will continue to guide and assist the management team as we enter a new era for our organisation.

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