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I-CAR provides update on transition to new programs

The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) provided an update on the transition to its new training model that was announced last summer.

Due to information technology system delays, I-CAR is delaying the launch of its new system until the later in Q3, though a specific date was not announced.

“We recognize the extent of the frustration that our launch delay has caused for our customers and the industry, and want to apologise for the inconvenience,” said John Van Alstyne, I-CAR CEO & President. “The delay has been related specifically to a series of issues with our new Learning Management System (LMS), and is currently related to the data transfer process, loading records from our current LMS to the new LMS. Please know that the I-CAR IT and project teams have been and continue to do an amazing job to drive solutions. While we have successfully resolved many of the related issues, we are currently working diligently with our LMS software vendor to address the remaining data synchronisation issues we are experiencing.”

According to I-CAR it has completed much of the data load needed for launch and it is working to complete the transfer of student training records from the current LMS to the new LMS, which total more than 5 million unique records.

“Please know that our original transition plan timing from current requirements to new requirements will be shifted out to align with the delay timeframe. As we get closer to launch, we will announce the exact changes to our transition timing. In the meantime, please know we understand the industry needs time to react, and please trust that we have your back,” added Van Alstyne.

“Additionally, please keep training so you can stay on track to maintain your Platinum and Gold Class status, as nearly all required training counts toward your future requirements! Moving forward, we will continue to keep the industry posted about the launch developments and timing as we aggressively work toward resolution and completion of the process.”

I-CAR also announced that as of the end of June, 28 percent of its Gold Class shops in the US have transitioned to using its subscription plan versus paying for individual classes. There are now 7,604 Gold Class shops an 11.5 percent increase so far in 2019.

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