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Published on September 17th 2021 in

I-CAR Gold Class for East Adelaide Tow and Crash

I-CAR Australia is pleased to announce that East Adelaide Tow & Crash has been awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

“Having worked in the crash industry for over 20 years, it wasn’t until I recently purchased my own shop, where I took on the responsibility of ensuring the team and I obtained the highest role-relevant accreditation through I-CAR. It was important to me that our business brand reflected workmanship at a premium level. I-CAR offered a learning culture that justified our skills, knowledge and desire to exceed customer expectations,” said Tim Felice, owner and manager of East Adelaide Tow and Crash, in the Adelaide suburb of Norwood.

Their qualified Panel Beater Ben Wright completed the Structural Steel welding training and certification where he benefited in ways he didn’t expect. Not only did his welding skills improve immensely, his confidence and ability to problem solve and innovate, came from the one-on-one learning and highly educated co-ordinator’s direction and leadership. The awards and memorabilia acknowledge the effort and extensive time gone into completing individual courses, and they ensure all their awards are on display to encourage the team and reassure their customers that they always strive to perform.

“I-CAR changed the idea of learning into an “experience” rather than a “lesson”. The online Virtual Classroom training allowed the team to enjoy the comfort of their own space and provided an opportunity to discuss thoughts openly and learn from each other. The nature of consistent training can seem daunting, but when it also provides a way to build relationships over a yiros and beer, it’s a WIN, WIN!,” added Felice.

In a similar vein, their qualified Painter, Mick Michael, worked alongside AkzoNobel using premium brand, Sikkens, in the learnings of Candy and 3-layer pearl application. This premium product, combined with the latest paint technology process has given him the ability to perform and execute to the highest level.

“Our future is “recognition”! If we can be recognised and strive for OEM badges, this will add to our premium profile. I-CAR Gold Class renewal training will continue to keep our brand in check, align us with the latest information in all aspects of the industry and boost our reputation,” Felice concluded.

 For further information, contact I-CAR Australia at goldclass@i-car.com.au or on 07 3219 9088.

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