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Published on February 18th 2022 in

I-CAR Gold Class for Bendigo Accident Repair Centre

I-CAR Australia is pleased to announce today that Bendigo Accident Repair Centre has been awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

“We’ve been undertaking I-CAR training for our key personnel for many years.  During the recent COVID-19 downturn, we turned a negative into a positive by engaging all our staff on the I-CAR’s Road to Gold program. It gave our team something positive to focus on in the throes of a global pandemic,” revealed Ashley Maidment, Operations Manager of Bendigo Accident Repair Centre.

“We predominantly utilised the Virtual Classroom delivery method by creating a team learning environment for all involved after hours. The flexible, self-paced short online courses also fitted in well with other staff members’ lifestyles as they were able to be conducted outside of work hours.”

In addition, their paint supplier, Akzo-Nobel had already been actively working behind the scenes training and accrediting their paint shop team. It was an easy process after joining the I-CAR Review Program for I-CAR to help manage the goals and provide feedback on progress.

“The feedback from our staff has been very positive. It created a unified team with increased confidence and empowered them to be more proactive about problem solving issues they encounter on the workshop floor before consulting their team leader. They are more efficient and bringing in innovative solutions to the table which is opening up future opportunities, added Maidment.”

The experience taught them that knowledge is a valuable commodity worth investing in. It has produced tangible improvement in cycle times, efficiency, overall quality and most importantly the problem-solving abilities of their staff on the floor. They now have non-lead staff motivated to learn more and progress to Platinum Individual certification.

“Moving forward, we plan on using a mix of virtual classroom and online courses delivery methods to continue embracing our investment in knowledge and stay abreast of current systems, technology and innovations which is a must in our industry.”

Congratulations to Bendigo Accident Repair Centre located in Central Victoria for achieving the I-CAR Gold Class accreditation!

For further information, contact I-CAR Australia at or on 07 3219 9088. 

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