Published on March 9th 2016 in


Mark Czitkovits

Mark Czitkovits

I-CAR Australia CEO Mark Czvitkovits has announced the appointment of three new Board

members to fill vacancies and to add further strength and direction to the organisation.

“Conducted in accordance with the By Laws, the team at I-CAR was excited to receive

nominations from 15 quality individuals, representing all the segments that form part of this

dynamic industry. It was a difficult task selecting the final appointees, but the selection was

made in the best interest of I-CAR’s future direction.”

“I-CAR welcomes Damian Cahill from Holden and Andrew Minns order seroquel xr online from Subaru to represent the

OEM and expand the exposure of I-CAR within this segment. Both Damian and Andrew will bring

a fresh approach and will be invaluable in connecting more effectively with the OEM industry.”

“A warm welcome is also extended to Darren Myers from Len Hollis Repair Facility in Sydney.

Darren is a new generation of repairer and represents the face of change in the industry and will

no doubt be a valued member of the Board.”

Editor: These new appointments will add strength and depth to the I-CAR Board.


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