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I-CAR announces Gold Class or Power Smash Repairs NSW

I-CAR Australia is pleased to announce that Power Smash Repairs in Mittagong NSW has been awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

“We decided to enter the I-CAR Road to Gold program because we thought it would be a good way to maintain and further our skills with the latest technologies that are ever changing in the automotive industry. The online virtual training is an excellent option especially as we are located in a rural area, where the closest major cities are an hour‘s drive away,” stated Tommy and Joe Martinovic, directors of Power Smash Repairs.

“The experience was very good, and the whole process was very easy, from online enrolment to the online virtual training. It also helped when all training was able to be done from the comfort of our own workshop and not having to travel distances. The staff particularly enjoyed learning about the new technologies that are coming out on cars such as their structure and the differentt steel strengths. Our Refinishers were also involved in the program, receiving product-specific training from Glasurit that worked towards our Gold Class certification.”

Gary Wood, I-CAR Australia Gold Class Co-ordinator added: “Power Smash Repairs is also part of the Suncorp Insurance Repairer Network.  Congratulations to the entire team for joining the growing number of businesses that have recognised the benefits of regular training. They have proven that location isn’t a barrier when it comes to professional development for their team. Participation in online virtual training and working with an I-CAR Industry Training Alliance partner, allowed them to complete the role relevant training required for the Gold Class accreditation. Power Smash Repairs’ commitment to professional development will ensure safety and quality for all their customers.”

For further information, contact I-CAR Australia at goldclass@i-car.com.au or on (07) 3219 9088.

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