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I-CAR announces Gold Class for Kara’s Smash Repairs Dapto

I-CAR Australia is pleased to announce today that Kara’s Smash Repairs Dapto Pty Ltd has been awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

“With the way the industry is going with all the new cars, you have to be up to date at all times, and I-CAR’s Road to Gold program allowed us to build and keep up with the new knowledge.  We found the whole experience easy to implement, understand and utilise in our workshop and would recommend all repairers to give the program a try,” said Dimitrija Voidanoski, director of Kara’s Smash Repairs Dapto Pty Ltd.

“The Virtual Classroom delivery option made it easy to work around and schedule training with work in the shop. We also took advantage of Glasurit training from our paint supplier BASF for our refinishers, and in the future, we will keep an eye out for potential training opportunities from our other key suppliers such as Car-O-Liner and 3M.”

Kara’s Smash Repairs Dapto Pty Ltd is part of the Suncorp Insurance Repairer Network, so it’s wonderful to see them achieve Gold Class status.

The business became an I-CAR member in September 2020 and joined the Road to Gold Review program. After a six-month familiarisation, Karas Smash Repairs Dapto accelerated their training and achieved Gold Class in 2022.

Kara’s Smash Repairs Dapto Pty Ltd’s attitude and dedication towards training since joining the program has been first class.

Their staff members have embraced and enjoyed the training which has developed their knowledge and understanding of modern vehicle repair. Congratulations to all involved!


For further information, contact I-CAR Australia at or on 07 3219 9088.

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