I-CAR GC for Geoff Richards
Published on March 29th 2020 in

I-CAR announces Gold Class for Geoff Richards Panel Beating

I-CAR Australia Gold Class Coordinator Gary Wood announced that Geoff Richards Panel Beating in Dubbo, New South Wales has been awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

“We pride ourselves on being the panel industry leader in the region and continue to raise the bar and be the “first” in many areas. In 2018 we were awarded the MTA Green Stamp Accreditation for our environmental management and we are now thrilled to be awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status,” said Tracey Richards.

“Irrespective of being located in the “country” we want all 19 of our staff to have the opportunity to be their best and have access to the best training available worldwide, which is why we joined I-CAR.”

“It’s fantastic to see Geoff Richards Panel Beating achieve Gold Class status. Their attitude and dedication towards training since joining the program has been first class. They have proven that location isn’t a barrier when it comes to professional development for their team and participation in online virtual training allowed them to complete the role relevant training required for the Gold Class accreditation. Geoff Richards commitment to ongoing training will ensure safety and quality for all their customers. Well done from everyone at I-CAR” said Wood.

“As a business, I-CAR Gold Class Collision status is not only a reflection of our monetary investment but our staff’s personal commitment to completing over 1,000 hours of training in their own time. The I-CAR team made the whole process seamless and are true professionals who genuinely care about the future of the panel industry”’ concluded Richards.

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