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Project1_Layout 1I-CAR Australia CEO Mark Czvitkovits has announced that Kings Panels in the regional town of Bendigo, Victoria has been awarded the prestigious I-CAR Gold Class Collision status.

Czvitkovits explained “Justin and the team at Kings Panels have undergone continuous training to finally achieve Gold Class recognition. They are the first business in regional Victoria to receive this award. Their commitment to better understanding the technology advances within modern vehicles places them at the forefront of delivering safe and complete repairs”.

Justin King, owner and manager, said “I am just so excited about achieving I-CAR Gold Class Status”. The team and I have worked exceptionally hard to get to where we are today. Staff remains highly committed to ongoing training and we are thrilled to be providing Bendigo with the highest quality workmanship, whilst keeping up to date with the latest in Industry standards. We are also pleased to be providing our customers with the confidence of having staff trained at the highest level working on their vehicles.

“The commitment by another regional repairer to invest in their staff will provide significant benefits to their customer base and will help ensure the recognition that Kings Panels so richly deserves.” Czvitkovits said.

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