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Published on May 15th 2019 in

Hyundai reinforces the importance of New Genuine Parts

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Certified aftermarket and (supplier described) genuine replacement parts may look the “part’, but that’s where the resemblance can end. On the outside, packaging may look like the genuine article, with holograms, printed part numbers and logos. But what’s inside the box is sometimes far from the real deal. In an extreme example from overseas, a manufacturer reportedly found brake pads made out of compressed grass.!*

Only New Hyundai Genuine Parts are manufacturer-tested and warranted to deliver OEM vehicle integrity and performance. So however parallel supplier certified parts are made, they may compromise vehicle performance and safety. They’re just not worth the risk to your customers, Hyundai or to your business’ profitability.

It may be surprising to some, but it’s often no cheaper to buy parallel parts (and can be far more costly in other ways) than to buy New Hyundai Genuine Parts from an Authorised Hyundai Dealer.

Don’t be misled by parallel suppliers claiming any different – always check with your local Authorised Hyundai Dealer to compare prices when quoting on any Parts for a Hyundai.

There’s only one way to make it ‘good as new’ – make sure you only purchase and fit New Hyundai Genuine Parts, manufactured to Australian market specifications and supplied by Authorised Hyundai Dealers. Your customer gets unsurpassed reliability and you save time and hassle, thanks to our invaluable “perfect fit-first time” guarantee.

Accidents happen. But the damage doesn’t need to be permanent. So, when your customers want their Hyundai back on the road – fast – and just as good as it was before, there’s no better way to do this than by using New Hyundai Genuine Parts, from an Authorised Hyundai Dealer. If it’s a Hyundai, it makes ‘Genuine’ sense to keep it that way.

And right now, you can save up to 31 percent on our Genuine Radiator Support Panels List price – without compromise – when you take advantage of our offers. Contact your local Authorised Hyundai Dealers for any price matching opportunity.

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