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Published on April 20th 2020 in

Hyundai – keeping the wheels in motion

Hyundai Motor Company Australia (HMCA) and its authorised dealer network is fully stocked and open for business, according to national parts sales manager, Kevin Roberson.

Notwithstanding the challenging time with limited movement, the Hyundai dealership network reinforced that it is open for parts sales and technical support on key issues such as diagnostics and the recalibration of ADAS systems.

“Hyundai dealers are fully stocked with the company’s OEM parts with a 98 percent supply rate. We are fortunate that production is in full swing in South Korea, due to the early and decisive action by the South Korean government, were our factories were only shut down for a matter of days, at the early stages of the pandemic,” said Roberson.

Roberson went on to say that in addition, the countries where they also source their materials and components have also maintained a good supply line to both the production facilities in South Korea and the Hyundai logistics channels to Australia.

Roberson also reiterated that HMCA presents a compelling case for the use of genuine parts, approved repair procedures and fully trained and accredited technicians. “Only New Hyundai Genuine Parts are manufacturer-tested and warranted to deliver OEM vehicle integrity and performance. Conversely, parallel supplier certified parts may compromise vehicle performance and safety.”

“It is also timely to remind our customers that our Genuine Collision Parts price matching program continues to be open to the dealer network throughout these difficult times and of course our dealers are in a very strong position to supply,” concluded Roberson.

NCR Hyundai

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