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Hybrid Electric Vehicle training attracts international attendance

Hybrid/Electric Vehicles (H/EVs) are gaining enormous traction worldwide and are becoming increasingly accepted as the way forward by Australian consumers and vehicle manufacturers. The MTA Institute (MTAI) is the largest private provider of automotive apprenticeships and training in Queensland and has long known that a significant part of the future of automotive is electric. As leaders in automotive training, MTAI, led by a team of H/EV experts have been providing the accredited Hybrid Electric Vehicle Inspection and Servicing Skill Set course for several years.

Paul Kulpa General Manager for Training said: “The MTAI understands the importance of providing accredited H/EV training to automotive professionals and businesses preparing for the future and looking to adapt to new market trends. Mastering the latest technology is complicated and dangerous, it’s not something you can learn on the job, so it’s crucial for automotive professionals to complete the accredited course and gain the necessary qualifications before attempting to inspect or service a H/EV.”

This notion appears to be one that is accepted nationally and internationally with MTAIs latest H/EV course attracting enrolments from automotive professionals throughout Australia and beyond with students in attendance from New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Singapore.

Luca Duro, a participant from Western Australia took a week’s holiday, paid for the course out of his own pocket and travelled to Queensland to complete the Institute’s H/EV course. “There’s no accredited training for alternative fuel in WA, or anywhere else in Australia,” he said. “MTAI is the only place offering training like this and because I want to be a good technician and be prepared for alternative fuel vehicles, I decided to do the course now and get ahead of the game. There’s no doubt that H/EVs are growing in popularity and I’d love to complete more alternative fuel courses with MTAI as I’ve found this course to be fantastic.”

Brothers Ronny and Rudy Wijaya travelled from Singapore to complete the course: “We travelled all this way because we want to learn more about H/EVs and there’s no accredited training options in Singapore. As part of my job I’m in charge of maintaining a vehicle fleet, which in time, will be changing to H/EVs, which will become a part of my daily routine. It was very important to complete the course with the MTAI and to get the confidence required to be able to inspect and service H/EVs.”

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Inspection and Servicing Skill Set course is a three-day course, scheduled throughout the year. It gives students the skillsets required to inspect and service H/EV systems and components in the automotive, retail, service and repair industry.

“Many manufacturers have announced plans to only produce H/EVs within a matter of years,” said Kulpa. “MTAI is committed to our role as a leader of automotive training and we will continue to develop and provide future accredited courses designed for electric vehicles and additional alternative fuel options to ensure automotive professionals are prepared for the future.”

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