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Holden genuine parts – when only the best will do

Holden is serious about the safety of their customers and their right to have their Holden vehicle repaired using the Holden ‘Safe, Proper Repair’ methodology.

‘Safe, Proper Repair’ will only be guaranteed when the following methodology is applied every time a Holden vehicle is repaired:

  • Using New Holden Genuine Parts
  • Repairs by qualified, trained repairers with a culture of continuous training.
  • Use of Holden Genuine repair procedures
  • Adhering to GM Holden Industry Position Statements
  • Using the correct repair equipment as validated by GM.

There are many parts on sale in Australia that may fit a Holden vehicle, but only those sold through the GM Holden authorised supply chain are Genuine. For the avoidance of doubt – a Holden Genuine part is as follows:

“Holden Genuine Parts are parts that are designed, validated and engineered by General Motors or its associated entities, sourced through the GM Holden authorised supply chain and warranted by GM Holden.”

Repairers should be wary of using parts sourced from outside the GM Holden authorised supply chain.

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Holden is also working alongside other OEMs as part of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries’ initiative, Genuine Is Best, to promote the importance and use of genuine parts. For more information on the Genuine Is Best campaign visit:

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