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Holden Accident Care update

When you are creating something new like Holden Accident Care, you need to ensure the correct foundations are in place before you start the build process. Congratulations to those repair facilities in most Australian states who have made the effort and investment in their businesses to become Holden Certified Collision Repairers.

The network of Holden Certified Collision Repairers continues to grow and is committed to the Holden “Safe, Proper Repair” methodology of all Holden vehicles, which includes:

  • Qualified repairers and a culture of continuous training
  • Using new Genuine Holden Parts
  • Using GM Holden Repair Procedures
  • Adhering to GM Holden Position Statements
  • Using the correct repair equipment

Twelve months after the launch of our Certified Collision Repair Network criteria, Holden is now looking forward to starting the next phase of this exciting program – Holden Customer Education.

Currently, the Holden Accident Care webpage is the primary source for educating Holden customers. Key information points include: “What do I do if I have a crash?”, the Certified Repairer Network, and information on Holden Insurance. Over the next few months, we will create and distribute educational videos directly to Holden customers on the following topics:

    • Why new Genuine Holden Parts should be used during all repairs
      • What work goes on behind the scenes at Holden when designing and engineering parts for their vehicle.
    • What to look for in Insurance PDS
      • Maybe it’s time to choose Holden Insurance.
    • Why our Certified Holden Collision Repairers are recommended as the first choice for vehicle repair
      • If your insurance company is steering you away from Holden Certified Repairers, ask “Why?”.
    • How to inspect a vehicle after repairs have been completed
If Safe, Proper Repair is for you (and your Collision Repair Facility), download the criteria and application form at and apply today to be part of this exciting journey.

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