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Capricorn, Australasia’s largest automotive parts cooperative, has always placed a great deal of emphasis on the opinions and ideas of its Members. This philosophy has always made perfect sense, given that the whole reason why Capricorn exists is for the benefit of its Members, who also are the owners of this incredibly successful cooperative.

To regularly gain the opinions of its Members, Capricorn has launched a new online Member community platform called The Workshop, a place where Members can come together to share thoughts and ideas on anything and everything to do with Capricorn. As a Member, by spending just 5 minutes per month in The Workshop, they can help shape the future of the cooperative.

The Workshop enables Capricorn Members across Australia and New Zealand to have a say in how the other business they own, Capricorn, is run to make it even easier for them to do business.
According to Capricorn Group CEO, Greg Wall, The Workshop provides a real time, fast and easy method for Members to voice their valued opinions directly to Capricorn.

“Our Members are the whole reason why we exist and everything that we do at Capricorn is designed to make business easier for them. In order to further improve our services and to gain new ideas from our Members, we have established this easy to use Capricorn Member online community platform. The Workshop provides us with direct Member feedback to shape an even more exciting, efficient and rewarding future ahead.”

The Workshop will feature different Capricorn topics each month, topics in which Capricorn Members can vote, express opinions and submit their own ideas about.
“I am sure that our Members will be very surprised with the differences that can be made by spending five minutes a month to make their thoughts known at The Workshop. We look forward to our Members making the most of this important online information and feedback platform now and well into the future,” Wall added.

Members can access the Workshop via the Capricorn website, or to join Capricorn, Australasia’s largest automotive and general products buying group, email

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