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Handling the future safely

Recent figures show almost one quarter of new vehicles are made up of hybrids and EVs and it is only a matter of time before their presence is felt on the repair shop floor.

Recent figures show almost one quarter of new vehicles are made up of hybrids and EVs and it is only a matter of time before their presence is felt on the repair shop floor.

The question for many collision repair businesses is how to get ready to and how to ensure any workplace can deal with them safely.

Safe Working on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 

Unquestionably there are new and inherent risks associated with the maintenance and repair of Electric Vehicles and Hybrid vehicles in contrast to conventional vehicles such as: 

• Short circuits creating explosions and fires 

• Exposed connections and the presence of high voltage cable which has the potential for electric shock, resulting in serious death or injury 

•Components that may retain a dangerous voltage even when a vehicle is switched off

•Harmful gases and liquids released when batteries are damaged 

•Vehicles silently moving and people not aware 

•Components that may move unexpectedly due to magnetic forces 

Obtaining additional skills, appropriate training through registered training facilities and following the car manufacturer’s guidelines will be necessary to allow technicians to work safely with these vehicles. 

Having a proper procedure to depower and reinitialise battery electric vehicles, incorporating a lockout procedure so the vehicle can’t be re-energised until technicians have completed their tasks is also essential for safe work practices.

Going in equipped

But there is also the indispensable gear a workshop needs to tackle EVs and hybrids safely.

AS 5732:2022 “Electric Vehicle Operations- Maintenance and Repair” lists necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) depending on the task and level of risk involved. 

Some of these last line of defence measures include:

Electrical Insulating Gloves with an appropriate voltage rating, commonly these are Class 0, that offer protection up to a working voltage of 1000V AC /15000V DC. These can be worn with a cotton under glove to reduce sweating and provide comfort. Leather overgloves are worn to protect the rubber insulated gloves from mechanical harm and also to provide protection against electrical arcing. 

The use of Caution signage and Warning steering wheel covers to alert others of potential risks and temporary exclusion zones to instruct non authorised people to keep away.

Using 1000V insulated rated tools when working on energised components to lessen the risk of shorting out the high energy source. 

 Wearing arc rated face shields and clothing to protect the face and body against the direct force of an electric arc incident. 

Having an (AED) automated external defibrillator immediately available in the event of an electrical shock.

To get more information on product solutions that help technicians mitigate risk when electric and hybrids are worked on contact Electrical Factory Outlet. 

Developing specialised products

As the rapidly developing electric car market evolves, EFO is continually searching for creative yet workable solutions that are simple to implement in mechanical workshops. 

One of the elements that makes Electrical Factory Outlet stand out from many suppliers is their commitment to innovation and maintaining an edge over competitors.

They do this by developing products that solve problems or provide improved work practices for any technicians working in automotive electronics. They work with utility companies, electricians, and their supply partners, to design products to comply with Australian Standards and meet the demands of the specific tasks the customer wants.  

Electrical Factory Outlet collaborates with RTO’s, Industry Associations and TAFE Colleges across Australia that provide training for electric and hybrid vehicles. EFO provides product solutions that help keep workers safe when repairing and maintaining these vehicles.

The products are used and reviewed by qualified and operating electricians to ensure they meet the triple criteria of being safe, the highest quality and great value for money. The company also backs up its products by ensuring they are supported across Australia. Decades of accumulated knowledge in the industry, an agile approach to meeting any issue or problem are some of the other hallmarks of their service and advice.

EFO is a prominent supplier of high-grade 1000V rated Tools, Safety Products, and Test Equipment. Providing a complete line of personal protective equipment, including covers, mats, and insulated gloves rated for a working voltage of 1000V AC/1500V DC. In addition, exclusion zone barrier kits, rescue crooks, automatic external defibrillators, caution signage, arc-rated clothes and face shields.

For further information contact Electrical Factory Outlet    

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