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GYS Dentstation Premium Expert 400 from SAPE

Dentstation Premium is a complete dent pulling kit essential for repairing small, medium and large dents. With the Dentstation Premium, you can:

  • level dents without removing panels
  • repair existing panels rather than buying new
  • reduce the repair time
  • improve profitability.

GYSPOT Expert 400

Dedicated for various dent pulling and straightening body shop operations, the GYSPOT Expert 400 is a high spec machine able to deliver up to 4,500A of power. The welding current and welding duration are set separately for a more accurate control of the impact on galvanised and particularly thin steel sheets.

Equipment designed for professionals who require complete control of their dent pulling process.

Designed to be connected to a 400V two-phase power source with a 16A slow blow fuse, the GYSPOT Expert 400 can be used in two different modes:

  • A manual mode, where the operative can independently set the welding current and welding time to fit the requirements of a particular job/material thickness.
  • A synergic mode, where the machine will use the GYS expert engineer’s recommended settings. Simply select the tool to be used, and the power is automatically set.

For extra control, two welding operations are available:

  • Automatic operation – the arc begins when the tool is in contact with the metal sheet.
  • Manual operation – the arc begins when the tool is in contact with the metal sheet and the trigger is pressed.

A complete, versatile machine.

The Expert is designed to carry out multiple body shop tasks. The operative has the choice of seven dedicated programs:

  • dent pulling operations
  • welding of wavy wire or pulling rings
  • dent removal using copper stars
  • carbon electrodes for steel shrinking
  • welding of keys for lateral rods
  • welding of rings for earth fixing
  • welding of studs to fix earth and connection cables to vehicles.

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