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Published on February 19th 2020 in

Green for Gold

Completing PPG’s Green Belt Training not only gives repairers valuable points towards I-CAR Gold Class status, it’s also a potent way to drive continuous business improvements.

“As the collision repair industry continues to modernise and upskill, I-CAR Gold Class status has not only become a badge of honour, it has also seen some work providers make it a requirement. When it comes to attaining this prized accreditation, completing PPG’s Green Belt Training program actually contributes significant points towards a repairer achieving I-CAR Gold Class. Given that the Green Belt Training program offers a full toolbox of knowledge, processes and practical solutions for driving workshop performance and business success, taking the opportunity is a no-brainer,” said Greg Tunks, MVP Business Solutions Manager ANZ.

“Whenever we ask repairers which MVP Business Solutions courses they would like to do, they almost unanimously answer ‘Green Belt Training’. Therefore, the eight-person regional MVP Business Solutions team will run courses across Australia and New Zealand throughout 2020 and these are open to any PPG customer. Repairers take pride in achieving I-CAR Gold Class status but, even if that is not their priority, this represents a valuable opportunity for collision repair centre owners to upskill themselves and their staff with the latest in business improvement strategies.”

At each location, Green Belt Training will be held over an intensive multi-day course covering a wide range of proven business boosting topics, such as implementing 5S methodologies, eliminating waste, X-ray repair planning, leadership and leading change, process design, value stream mapping and so on. Using this highly practical information and strategies, repairers have everything they need to immediately start making valuable improvements. Afterwards, follow ups by the local MVP Business Solutions manager will check the progress of each customer along the transformation pathways and determine what support they need to ensure it becomes a continuous improvement strategy.

“Each session will be limited to ensure those attending get the maximum benefits, so I would suggest booking your seat ASAP to avoid disappointment.”

2020 Green Belt Training calendar

March 25th

May 5th

June 2nd

June 16th

June 24th

August 5th

August 12th

September 1st

September 8th

September 22nd

October 28th

November 10th










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