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Glasurit paint expertise for preserving classic cars

The Culture Commission of the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA), the international federation of historic vehicles, met from May 24 to 26 at BASF’s Münster-Hiltrup site. The FIVA body had good reason for selecting the meeting location. For the past two years, Glasurit has been FIVA’s exclusive partner for all matters related to classic car refinishing.

The meeting agenda included a visit to the Refinish Competence Centre (RCC), one of the most modern training centers for the refinishing industry. At the RCC, the Culture Commission learned about artificial aging of new paintwork. With the new methods developed by Glasurit, a repair using modern paint materials can be worked into the aged surface of a classic vehicle nearly undetectably.

This method also helps paint repairs to be performed in line with the 2012 Charter of Turin. In the charter, FIVA issued global recommendations for the responsible use of historic vehicles. The preservation of these vehicles, which represent an important part of our technical and cultural heritage, is a declared goal of FIVA and a key task of the Culture Commission.

Besides the technical side of the meeting, the international guests were also treated to some local colour. In addition to having dinner at the traditional “Stuhlmacher” restaurant at Münster’s Prinzipalmarkt historic market area, the participants visited BASF’s Museum of Lacquer Art. The Culture Commission members were obviously keenly interested in the unique collection of lacquer art from over two millennia.

“The meeting gave us the opportunity to show the Commission members on site what it is that sets the traditional Glasurit paint brand apart and what diverse possibilities we offer to support FIVA with achieving its goals. Our Classic Car Colours service on the internet, which offers access to our colour library – the world’s largest – and a network of specialized body shops, enables us not just to protect outstanding one-of-a-kind vehicles. It also allows us to offer solutions that can be used for nearly all classic cars, no matter when they were built.” - Jürgen Book, Glasurit Classic Car Colour Manager at BASF

Information on the Charter of Turin and on the Handbook is available on the FIVA website: Charter of Turin Handbook

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