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Glasurit® launches new flexible program to train body shop workers

Glasurit® has launched a tailor-made training program that uses a customised and flexible training approach to educate bodyshop workers in using the comprehensive Glasurit portfolio of paint systems for refinishing vehicles. Covering technology transfer, process application and fast repair modules, the Glasurit Tailor Made Training program enables bodyshop workers to learn or improve their skills in all aspects of the repair process, ranging from colour matching and identification, sanding and body filling, to priming, paint application and polishing.

The training courses are designed to suit the specific needs and requirements of every customer – they will suit an individual worker as well as the bodyshop as a whole.

“The high level of flexibility that the program offers demonstrates our dedication in helping our customers to become more successful. By identifying focus areas for training, the program greatly helps to unveil the potential of body shop workers,” said Peter Jones, National Head Trainer BASF.

The content and format of each training session is customised by a Glasurit representative based on the assessment of each participant’s skillset. The training enables participants to improve their specific problem areas and acquire new skills.

“The Glasurit Tailor Made Training courses also have flexible schedules. Customers can send their employees at more regular intervals or when a need for training is identified,” said Jones.

Glasurit courses for specific car refinish processing skills will be held at Glasurit’s world class Refinish Competence Centre in Sydney, NSW.

Body shops that would like to customise a training session to individual requirements should contact the technical team at BASF Australia on (02) 8787 0100 or visit the Glasurit Training Website at:


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