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Published on May 9th 2020 in

Glasurit Know-How – an online training success

Launched earlier this year, almost 100 people have registered to the Glasurit Know-How online training platform in Australia and New Zealand, taking advantage of the immediate access of technical information and training programs available to them.

As the name suggests, the platform features Glasurit’s collective know-how. Spray painters will find everything they need to know about products and processes here. And body shop owners can find out how to measure and improve their body shop’s performance.

Glasurit Know-How offers quick answers online 24/7. Users can view short videos or access e-books on the topics that interest them. The platform provides tips and tricks and they will find product information and technical data sheets, quickly and easily. This means that they can always use exactly the medium they most prefer to find the answers to their questions.

Glasurit Know-How content will be continually expanded, and not just for spray painters. In the future, Glasurit will also share online its collective know-how on all aspects of efficient body shop management. Body shop owners and managers can then use Glasurit Know-How to learn how to measure and improve their body shop’s performance – 24/7.

“Glasurit Know-How is a brilliant tool for training. We provided access to the Know-How platform for a Glasurit bodyshop in Perth and the owner was very impressed with the quality of the information,” said Mike Seddon, Technical Sales Representative for BASF Australia Ltd.

With Glasurit Know-How, Glasurit is providing its various users with a modern form of problem-solving and training. In this way, the platform complements the services offered by the Glasurit technicians and consultants and by the 45 Refinish Competence Centres around the world.

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