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Glasurit – 130 years of paint history

2018 is a significant year for Glasurit, BASF’s premium paint brand. Exactly 130 years ago, Max Winkelmann laid the cornerstone for his company that spawned the world’s successful Glasurit automotive refinish brand. Since then, Glasurit has not only participated in the developments of the paint technologies but has also played a key role in shaping them, going down in paint history time and time again.

One of the first paint products developed by Winkelmann was the paint colour crystal white, an absolute innovation of its time. Up until then, it was usual in Germany to apply pigments and paint in two successive coats. Winkelmann’s revolutionary idea of combining pigments and binders in a single ready-for-use product made application much easier back in the day and substantially increased the durability of the coating. This philosophy – developing products that make it easy for users to achieve first-class results – continues to serve as Glasurit’s basis for success today.

In the past 130 years, Glasurit has made a name for itself as a technological leader with its innovative products. In 1925, Glasurit began producing paints at its Münster site. These paints made Germany’s first spray application for cars possible. In 1964, Glasurit introduced 54 Line, the first metallic basecoat/clearcoat system for automotive refinishing. In 1982, the introduction of the systematically coordinated products in the Glasurit RATIO System heralded the age of efficient, simple, clearly arranged and safe automotive refinishing processes. In 1992, Glasurit became one of the first manufacturers worldwide to launch a waterborne refinish system. With Glasurit 90 Line, automotive refinishing is so easy, economical and safe, that worldwide success came overnight – and continues to this day.

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Today, Glasurit’s product range extends far beyond refinish products. Glasurit offers innovative tools for colour matching, certified technicians and consultants, a comprehensive range of consultancy products for boosting efficiency, a global network of training centres and, last but not least, the Refinish Competence Centre in Wetherill Park, the state-of-the-art training facility for the refinishing sector, supporting body shops in achieving perfect refinishing results as efficiently as possible and securing long-term economic success.

For 130 years, Glasurit has remained true to its philosophy and therefore has not just been successful itself but more importantly, also made its customers successful. Glasurit is taking the opportunity on this anniversary to thank its customers worldwide. Glasurit is represented with its products and services in nearly all the countries in the world and numerous activities, on both a large and small scale, are now underway for the anniversary year. In addition, the “130 year” motto will accompany Glasurit’s events all year long.

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