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When efficiency and sustainability are front of mind

While efficiency is front of mind for body workshops, the environmental impact of products and energy is where Glasurit is making its mark. 

While efficiency is front of mind for most body workshops, the environmental impact of their products and energy use are increasingly part of business decision making and this is where Glasurit is making its mark. 

 Glasurit has almost a century and a half experience in bringing the highest quality coating products to workshops and in the 21st century this expertise is focussed on a new combination of efficiency and eco- effectiveness.

The 100 Line basecoat system meets the highest requirements of modern body shops and focuses on eco-effectiveness, process efficiency and highest product quality. The products also partner with their pioneering AraClass EcoBalance coatings for complete workshop solutions.

Since 1888, Glasurit has stood for quality, social and ecological responsibility and the 100 Line helps customers become more competitive and, at the same time, improve their environmental footprint as well as drive overall performance.

Continuing with this rich history, Glasurit 100 Line marked another important milestone for BASF in the Australian and New Zealand automotive refinish market, when they became the first countries to introduce the waterborne basecoat system in Asia Pacific in 2020.

“Glasurit 100 Line is designed to increase the overall efficiency of modern body shops of the future and at the same time reduce the environmental footprint, exceeding all global VOC requirements. 100 Line truly demonstrates where sustainability meets efficiency” said Kirsten Dodd, Product Launch Manager, BASF Australia.

Glasurit 100 Line is the first basecoat line on the market with a VOC value below 250 g/l, which is 40 per cent below the EU solvent limit. It also exceeds all global VOC requirements. Glasurit has succeeded in producing a waterborne basecoat system of unprecedented eco- effectiveness and quality with Glasurit 100 Line.

With the introduction of Glasurit AraClass EcoBalance clearcoats and undercoats, which is produced following a biomass balance approach, and 100 Lines’ excellent colour stability, robustness in application and its environmental attributes, Glasurit is able to provide customers with an innovative and sustainable paint system.

“Glasurit 100 Line is now perfectly complimented with the introduction of the AraClass EcoBalance range” said Kirsten. “The opportunity for body shops to contribute towards a more sustainable future in the automotive repair industry both ecologically and economically through new innovative products and an eco-effective portfolio is very exciting”.

Glasurit 100 Line and AraClass EcoBalance products are available through your locally approved Glasurit distributor.

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