Giving a workshop the lift it needs

Car-O-Liner have taken their innovative approach to workshop solutions and quality, and incorporated them in a range of lifting devices.

Car-O-Liner have taken their innovative approach to great workshop solutions and trusted quality, and incorporated them in a range of lifting devices that may rapidly become indispensable to the efficient repair body shop. 

‘Invisible, invincible, integrated’

The CDS 35 is an indispensable aid for all work requiring the vehicle to be lifted, including damage diagnosis, cosmetic dent repair and mechanical checks in general. It is a compact double-scissor lift designed to fit into any collision repair workshop. 

Car-O Liner’s renowned attention to design ensures it will fit into most workshops and can add to efficient repair processes. The CDS 35 can be used to perform diagnostics, light cosmetic repair or service operations with the opportunity to shorten cycle times and maximise workshop turnover and profitability.

The compact double-scissor lift is space saving and takes less room than a standard 2-post lift. Its profile allows the technician to drive or roll any vehicle over it for fast mounting and efficient workshop routines. When surface mounted the lift platform is only 116 mm over the floor surface or even with the floor if flush mounted, giving a faster start-up to the repair process.

The rugged steel construction makes CDS 35 one of the strongest double scissor lifts in the market, with powerful hydraulics that can lift vehicle weights of up to 3500 kg. The lifting platforms with locking ramps adjust from 1.480 to 2.140 mm to accommodate longer wheelbase vehicles.

The CDS 35 can also be part of an integrated total solution for collision repair workshops and works well together with other Car-O-Liner solutions. CDS 35 offers a wider variety of quick repair services, and if pulling is needed the vehicle can quickly be driven off the lift and onto a bench. Combined with a PointX II diagnostic measuring tool or the CDR1 Cosmetic Dent Repair Workstation, it forms a specialised workplace, where complete repairs are performed quickly and efficiently.

It also features a compact console control station that protects key electrical components, hydraulic power pack and hydraulic synchronization controls.

Robust lifting with mobility and security 

To meet the increasing and specialised demand of EVs in workshops, Car-O-Liner have also developed flexible and portable lifting solutions. Since the battery is the largest and most expensive single component of the vehicle, battery maintenance requires a robust lift table and is essential for safe service. The BT 1800 delivers a convenient, portable double-scissor table lift, ideal for EV service and battery pack replacement. 

The strong and rugged steel, double scissor offers more stability than a single-scissor structure with 1800 kg of lifting power. The BT 1800 hydraulic mobile lifting table is designed to handle EV batteries but can also be used for lifting engine, gearbox, drive axle, fuel tank, suspension and chassis components of traditional vehicles.

It is also highly portable with a rechargeable 12-volt DC power supply provides full flexibility around the workshop, as no power supply cable is required.

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