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As nearly 20,000 Capricorn Members across Australia and New Zealand will attest, purchasing automotive parts is just easier with Capricorn.

Replacing multiple supplier accounts for a single all inclusive monthly account, gaining instant credit with all Capricorn Preferred Suppliers and earning Capricorn Reward Points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases – just for running your business.

Aside from automotive parts, Capricorn Members are also able to purchase almost everything that they need to run their repair workshop or sales businesses through their Capricorn account.

The many other necessities of running a business are also covered by Capricorn Preferred Suppliers across Australia. In fact, almost everything that Capricorn’s Members need can indeed be purchased on their reward point earning Capricorn account.

Computers and other electronic requirements, snacks for staff and for customer waiting areas, even pot plants and beauty supplies are provided by Capricorn Preferred Suppliers. A full range of office stationery, office equipment, smartphones, envelopes, pens, calculators and many more essential products can also be purchased and billed to your convenient Capricorn Trade Account monthly statement.

Outside of the office, Capricorn Members can enjoy everything from family holidays, travel products, audio entertainment equipment and computers, through to many more everyday purchase items.

The more Capricorn Members use their trade account, the more streamlined they become with fewer bills to pay, less paperwork to handle, and much more time to concentrate on running their businesses. Members can also earn valuable reward points on everyday items too when using their trade account.

Capricorn exists for its Members, who are also shareholders in the success of this four and a half decade strong Australian co-operative structured company. By making more everyday purchases using their Capricorn Trade Account, Members are also strengthening the cooperative.

Capricorn isn’t only for automotive parts purchases – it is for everything that you need to run your business successfully. To find out more about the non-automotive products, office essentials and other everyday items that earn Capricorn Reward Points, check the Capricorn Purple Pages directory.

To join Capricorn, Australasia’s largest automotive and general products buying group, email or visit Capricorn online at


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