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Published on February 22nd 2020 in

Genuine Subaru coolants from AAA Radiators

Unlike aftermarket and replica coolants that contain borates and silicates that harm aluminium and cause blockages, Subaru genuine coolant and the Subaru Super Coolant range is specifically formulated for use with aluminium alloy Subaru engines and water-cooling systems.

Designed specifically for the Subaru range of vehicles, genuine coolant provides all-weather protection and protects against corrosion with an organic corrosion inhibitor. The genuine Subaru coolant range eliminates the silicate gelling that causes radiator plugging and overheating.

Subaru genuine coolant, which is required for use in all warranty repairs, meets and often exceeds all Subaru OEM specifications and is the only choice of coolant for a proud Subaru enthusiast.

The full range of genuine Subaru coolants is available for all Subaru makes and models from AAA Radiators at competitive prices every time, which allows you to maintain like-new performance. AAA Radiators offers free delivery Australia wide.

Only genuine Subaru replacement parts meet tested safety requirements and match Subaru’s proven performance standards. Trust genuine Subaru coolant – engineered identically to the parts your Subaru was built with.

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