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Published on August 7th 2017 in

General Motors to certify auto body shops in 2018




General Motors has announced it would “launch a comprehensive collision certification program in 2018,” adding what Statista calls the nation’s No. 1 automaker to the list of OEMs developing and recommending customers to auto body shop networks.

“Today’s certification programs have to evolve to keep up with the rapid-fire pace of technological innovation in the auto industry, especially in areas like safety systems,” GM customer care and aftersales collision manager John Eck said in a statement. “Our new program is being designed to measure critical behaviors and procedures that will help ensure every collision repair is done to the highest standards, whether the work is done at a dealership, an independent body shop or by a multi-shop operator.”

Eck has in the past said GM would want to verify repair quality should it develop a certification problem — not just whether the shop is on paper qualified in equipment and training to repair the vehicles. The program described suggests the OEM would indeed check the shops’ work in some fashion.

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Editor: We shall be watching this move with interest



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