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Future Leader of the Industry – Zander Fattore

This month we introduce 19-year-old Zander Fattore, a third year spray painting apprentice with Griffith Beat and Spray who also joined the PPG NSW scholarship program in 2018.

Zander, although proudly of Italian descent, was born and raised in Griffith, attending Marian Catholic College. He always knew he was destined to work with is hands, and at the age of 16 jumped at the opportunity for work experience at Griffith Beat and Spray, a local family business that has been operating in Griffith for over four decades. Zander found spray painting was a great fit for his artistic skills. “I’m not necessarily into cars, but my dad is an auto electrician and my brother is a mechanic, so you could say we have a connection to the automotive industry.”

When asked if anyone in particular inspired or influenced him, Zander has no hesitation in citing his Nonna [grandmother] Valma, who, as an artist, introduced a young Zander to the creative side of painting. “Obviously, refinishing is quite different, but seeing the finished vehicle is such a thrill – it really is a creation in its own right.”

Zander studies at TAFE NSW’s Wagga Wagga campus where he is taught and mentored by Head Teacher, Ian Chalmers, who oversees the Automotive Refinishing program at the TAFE. “Zander is such sharp, level-headed young man who is mature beyond his years. He is highly talented, has a meticulous eye for detail and is always well-presented. I’m sure this is a reflection of a solid upbringing.”

Chalmers nominated Zander to be the Wagga Wagga TAFE participant for the 2018 intake to the PPG Scholarship program, which is run by PPG Training Manager Trevor Duke. “Zander is a very impressive young man who is always looking for ways to improve. He’s not afraid to express his opinion, asks all the right questions, and wants to improve his knowledge of the broader industry. He is a real standout in the group,” said Duke.

Zander believes it is too early for him to have a long-term plan, although he feels it’s crucial to maintain a balanced approach between work and play – he enjoys life, works out in the gym every day, and spends time with family. “At this stage, I really want to focus on learning my craft and I’m always looking to innovate to create the best finish that I can for our clients. When I look at what Trevor [Duke] does for a living – that would be awesome.”

Mark DiFiore, director and owner of Griffith Beat and Spray, summed it up: “Zander is an excellent apprentice who actually spent six months with us before going to TAFE. He is mature beyond his years and when our head painter retired after 40 years with us, Zander stepped up to the role. In a region where there is strong competition for talent, we are very pleased to have him on the team.”

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Editor: IAG’s ongoing support and sponsorship of these awards is greatly appreciated. With such strong recommendations from within the industry, Zander is indeed a worthy a Future Leader of the Industry.

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